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How To Clean An Electric Fireplace Insert


How to Clean an Electric Fireplace Insert


Electric fireplaces are gaining popularity; they cut down on dirt and debris. There is no need for a vent, a chimney or burning logs. Cleanup is virtually non-existent. An AmbionAir Flame electric fireplace needs only a light cleaning when it appears dusty, giving you the benefit of having a realistic fireplace without all the work involved





For general cleaning on the unit, simply use a soft clean duster. Never use abrasive cleaners. The glass-viewing screen should be cleaned carefully with a soft cloth. DO NOT use proprietary glass cleaners.


To remove any accumulation of dust or fluff on the fireplace logs, the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner should occasionally be used to clean the outlet grill of the fireplace. To access the electric fireplace logs follow these easy steps:


1.      Remove the 4 screws on the front panel.                       

2.      Carefully remove the front glass panel.                             

3.      Unscrew the rosebud log screw.                                           

4.      Wipe and clean the log set with a damp cloth or a soft clean duster.

5.      Replace the rosebud screw, glass panel and screws and enjoy!


Ambionair flame EF628 Electric fireplace insert


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