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How To Secure Your Portable Generator While In Use


How to Secure Your Portable Generator While in Use


A generator is a back-up source of power that becomes very useful in the event of power outage or lack of access to power. A major concern among portable owners is how to keep the generator secure from theft.

  • Secure your generator with a heavy-duty cable and gardened padlock to the truck tie down of your trailer, the dock, a tree, a cinder block, and a sturdy anchor system buried in the ground or any heavy immovable object.
  • Install proper lighting for night surveillance around your RV, trailer home, boat, camping site, and construction site to deter thieves.
  • Place the generator out of site when in use.
  • When not in use, store the generator in a secure storage shed or garage.
  • Place a visible sign: “ beware of dog” or a large dog bowl with a large chain on the ground to make believe there is a guard dog around.

Keep a written record or a snap shot of your generator’s serial number to facilitate identification when found. The generator can be identified to who the rightful owner is to personalize your generator by engraving it with your name or any other identifying mark that cannot be easily removed.

AMBIONAIR GEN portable generators must always be operated outdoors at a safe distance to avoid carbon monoxide from entering the home, trailer or houseboat. Never operate the AMBIONAIR GEN - Sinepro i3500 Inverter Gas Generator or the AMBIONAIR GEN - Portable Diesel Generator (TDG7500SE) in an enclosed space, including a basement, garage or shed, even with proper ventilation. Enclosed spaces run the risk of igniting volatile substances.