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Our elegant one-piece toilet is tankless, creating a streamlined look for your bathroom, powder-room or wash-closet. Heated seat and integrated variable washing and drying features, for front and rear cleaning and drying, can be adjusted to accommodate each user’s preferences for temperature, pressure and location. And if that wasn’t enough, the lid automatically opens, closes and the toilet flushes when the sensor is activated.

The NeoCleanse Intelligent Toilet offers power saving features, and environmentally-friendly, low water consumption, coupled with a powerful flushing action which means you need less harmful chemicals to clean. Antibacterial treatments to the seats and switches, and the “Intelligent Clean” surfacing resists bacterial accumulation, and warm water washes your toilet bowl with every flush. The trim design and concealed trap-way makes exterior cleaning easier and more efficient.

NEO-1105A series - Download the Inteligent Toilet NEOCLEANSE NEO-1105A Owner's Manual




  • Powerful flushing system by remote or automatic sensor operation
  • Front and rear warm water swing-washing and adjustable nozzle for rinse or massage
  • Automatic, temperature controlled, heated seat can be opened/closed by sensor or remote
  • Dryer function with temperature control
  • Power saving energy function
  • Antibacterial treatments to seat, switches
  • Auto-cleaning nozzle
  • “Intelligent Clean” surfacing which resists bacterial accumulation and facilitates cleaning




Color White
Water Use 1.6 Gpf/6.0 Lpf with alternate 1.2 Gpf/4.5 Lpf
Flush System Cyclone Siphon Jet 
Water Pressure minimum 20 psi; maximum 80 psi
Trap Diameter 2"
Rough In 10"
Trap Seal 3 1/4"
Gross Weight 120 Lbs.
Dimensions 16”L x 32.2”W x 22”D
Shipping Dimension 41”L x 23”W x 31”D
Power Rating 120V AC, 60 Hz, 950 W
Power Cord Maximum length 3 ft
Water Features Adjustable Water Flow Rate; Rear washing from 9 to 14.5 oz/min.; Soft washing from 9 to 14.5 oz/min.; Front washing from 9.5 to 14.5 oz/min.;Temperature of Washing Spray minimum 86F/30C, maximum 104F/40C
Safety Features Temperature fuse, bi-metal sensor (auto reset), and float switch to prevent boiling of water.
Air Dryer Temperatures High 138F/59C Medium 122F/50C Low 104F/40C
Capacity of Air 10.5 ft3/min
Seat Warmng Feature Surface Temperature minimum 79 F/26 C maximum 97F/36C; capacity 30W; thermal fuse safety feature  
Warranty 1 year manufacturer



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