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Which Type Of Snowblower Should I Buy


Which type of Snowblower should I buy?


Mother Nature has been unpredictable lately. More and more, heavy duty snowblowers are becoming the best solution to help you survive old man winter, and prepare you for the deepest and heaviest snowfalls. But with all the options out there, it can be difficult to know which snow thrower to buy and determine which best suit your needs.

Before you make your purchase, there are a few things you should know. There are different kinds of snowblowers, and they aren’t all made equal. And size matters. If all you want to clear is a small path, consider purchasing a small, single stage model that will scoop up snow and either propel it out a chute or off to the side. These models are available in gas powered as well as electric.. They’re lighter and often weigh about 10 lb.

But, if you live in an area that gets regular snowfall, and have a larger property to clear, a double-stage snowblower is a better choice for you. Is your driveway covered in gravel and not paved? Then a two-stage snow blower is a must since the auger doesn't touch the ground and shoot pebbles or rocks all over your property.  A more powerful machine, and more efficient than the smaller one-stage model, this type of snow thrower, like the SnoPro SXP1128PRO, breaks up the hard packed snow with a fast-spinning auger before propelling it out the chute.

The SnoPro SXP1128PRO snow thrower is an excellent choice when considering which snowblower to buy. A larger and more powerful brand, both models found only at Home Market Deals, are best for long, wide driveways, and can take on snow levels higher than eight inches, while handling steeper inclines. Many competitive machines don’t perform on wet snow, but the SnoPro has been designed to handle every winter condition, including wet, heavy or hard packed snow.

The effortless start-up and ease of use of the SnoPro snowblowers are sure to please everyone, and the fuel efficiency and simple maintenance make it a hands-down winner. The power driven Track wheels do all the work for you while you guide the machine and the chute. The ergonomically located and easy-to-use single-hand controls leave one hand free to operate the chute or access the simple control panel.  And they heat-up to keep your hands toasty, even when the weather isn’t.

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