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How To Install A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace


How to Install A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace



AmbionAir Flame electric fireplaces are safe for the environment and can be easily installed in any room of your home, office, apartment or condominium as they produce heat without harmful gasses. There is no need for a chimney, venting ducts or gas line hook-ups to benefit from clean, efficient heat on demand. Designed to help you benefit from energy savings, heat only the rooms you want, when you want.


When choosing a location for your new wall-mount fireplace, ensure the general manufacturer’s instructions are followed. For maximum effect, install the fireplace out of direct sunlight.


Installation - Wall mounting


1.      Due to the weight of the larger AmbionAir Flame electric fireplace models, make sure you have help before lifting and mounting the unit.

2.      Assemble the electric fireplace by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions or guide.

3.      Before hanging the unit, test the fireplace to make sure it is in good working order by plugging it into a regular 120V household outlet.

4.      The wall bracket must be fitted horizontally and the cable routed to the bottom right of the heater.              

5.      The unit should be installed at a height of 36 inches from the bottom of the heater to the floor.

6.      Mark all your measurements carefully to ensure the AmbionAir electric fireplace is placed exactly where you want it.

7.      Use the bracket as a table template and mark the drill positions on the wall. Make      sure that these holes are leveled.

8.      Put the bracket aside and drill holes with a depth of 1 inch using an 8 mm drill bit. 

9.      Clean the holes from dust and insert one plug in each hole. Make sure the edge is flush with the surface.    

10.  Hold the bracket in position and attach it with screws.

11.  Attach the fixing angle to the bottom of the appliance using the short screws.

12.  Carefully lift the appliance and hook it to the wall bracket. Do not let the appliance go until you are sure it is safely engaged to the bracket.

13.  Mark the hole position for fixing the angle. Carefully remove the appliance from the bracket and drill holes with a 8 mm drill bit.

14.  Lift up the appliance again, engage it to the bracket and finally fix the angle with the screws.


Now sit back and enjoy the instant ambiance of your AmbionAir Flame electric fireplace. For more information on our models please visit http://homemarketdeals.com/electric-fireplaces/ or write to us:  info@homemarketdeals.com.