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On your mark, get set, GRILL!

On your mark, get set, GRILL!
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Posted: 04-27-2012 09:56
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Spring is a season to celebrate, especially if you live in a cold climate. It also means barbecuing is around the corner, and for many of us it's serious business.

Spring is a season to celebrate, especially if you live in a cold climate. We open our doors to savor the sunshine and as we tilt our faces towards the sky it is the smell of barbecue that overwhelms our senses and makes our mouths water. We look for the smoke and try to figure out which neighbor is responsible for the tantalizing smell and hope that it’s someone we know – a sudden knock on their door would lead to an invitation, right? Sadly, no. So that’s why we need to be prepared.

Barbecuing is serious business for many of us. Many families have one person who is the self-proclaimed barbecue master (whether they really can cook or not) and the grill itself is key. At Home Market Deals, we think the The Broil King Crown 10 Propane Grill, and the Napolean 63" Mirage, are a perfect way to kick off this grilling season. They both offer spacious ovens for larger roasts, and their trendy stainless steel exteriors are the perfect set-up for a mouth-watering meal. Thess barbecues not only looks good but may even help us avoid those awkward questions that always seems to creep up after the “grill-master” brings the bounty to the table:  is this chicken or beef? Should this be raw in the middle? Can I scrape off the charred black edges?

So let’s raise a glass to the hard working barbecuers in our lives and give them some praise for working so tirelessly over a hot grill. Let them have the best gear and set them on to a path for filling our tables with delicious, identifiable and well-cooked food. Why not let the Broil King Crown 10, or the Napoleon Mirage be an inspiration to the chefs in our lives, a muse for perfect barbecue and a centerpiece for our outdoor entertaining.

Let the grilling begin!

Have a favorite BBQ recipe? Share it with us here!

Comments on On your mark, get set, GRILL!

Ken Storm 05-03-2012 09:15
This is my favorite time of year .I just received my Napoleon BBQ I must say there is a big difference from the previous low cost type that I had .I think the most important element is to be able to control the heat to the desired temp. consistently… That is how you have success .I am cooking the best steaks ever Thank you Homemarketdeals for a great product.
Jennifer M. 04-29-2012 13:03
My husband took a BBQ course a couple years ago and learned that you should not use Pam or any grease on your BBQ grill to stop your food from sticking. If your grill is hot enough, the food is supposed to sear and and slide. To do this you have to start at the highest heat and then lower the temperature once your food is placed on the grill.


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